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Affordable Divorce Comes to Marin County

October 28, 2012


Go Divorce Clinic Now Serving Marin County

The successful Go Divorce Clinic, founded in Sonoma County, has now expanded its service to include Marin County divorces!  Now affordable and fast divorces are available through the innovative lawyer-free divorce services at Go Divorce Clinic.  No Marin County divorce Lawyers, no Marin County divorce attorney-mediators!  At the Go Divorce Clinic our unique divorce process features a specialized neutral divorce facilitator, skilled in marital estate allocation, trained in child advocacy and credentialed in conflict resolution and mediation.  Go Divorce Clinic neutral divorce facilitators are unique professionals with diverse skill sets tailored to the needs of divorcing couples in Marin county who will guide divorcing couples in San Rafael and throughout the county through an uncontested and amicable divorce, quickly and affordably.  Comprehensive divorce assistance in Marin County has finally arrived!

Facilitating Affordable Divorce in Marin County

Now divorcing couples in Marin can process alternative divorce amicably in a matter of weeks instead of months or years!  At Go Divorce clinic, the cost for divorce is set in one low flat fee that is typically 85% less expensive than lawyer assisted contested divorce and even 60% cheaper than mediated divorce!  Find out what divorcing couples in Santa Rosa, Ca. and Sonoma County have been discovering for years now; there is a new, affordable and healthier way to divorce in California, and now it has come to Marin County!  For more information on how we can assist with your Marin County divorce, or to set up a fee-free divorce consultation with one of our neutral divorce facilitators, you may visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com,  or contact us directly at 415 460-7800.

Go Divorce Clinic Serving Spanish Speaking Couples

October 25, 2012


Go Divorce Clinic Serving Spanish Speaking Community in Santa Rosa, CA

In Sonoma County the Hispanic community comprises 30% of the population base, and like everyone else this community demographic needs affordable and accessible divorce services.  Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa, CA. now serves the needs of the Hispanic community by providing divorce services for the Spanish speaking community.

Many of the Hispanic clients that have come through our office needing divorce services have been concerned about whether or not their legal immigration status will become an issue when the divorce is processed, or whether one parent or the other would leave and return to their native country of origin and forsake support issues.  These and other concerns particular to the Hispanic community need attention to these particular types of circumstances that Go Divorce Clinic is happy to assist with.

We at Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa are here to assist the Hispanic community of Sonoma County with filing and completing their divorces.  Please call us at (707)346-5031 to speak with our Spanish speaking intake specialist today.  We look forward to assisting you.