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When Is It Time To Get A Divorce Lawyer?

March 15, 2013

BoatJust because I always advocate for attorney free uncontested divorce in Sonoma County, it doesn’t mean that there are not occasions when a good divorce lawyer is needed.  Sometimes the tide of goodwill between a separated couple has receded so far, it has left the marital ship aground.  I know first hand because there are several instances when I will refer individuals out to divorce attorneys when the situation has gone too far, and the couple is too polarized to cooperate.

Sometimes there are incidents of domestic violence, or child abuse, or a general volatility dynamic occurring in the partnership that is genuinely scaring one of the Parties.  Family law attorneys in this case are essential to help generate emergency orders that can protect the health safety and well being of children and affected spouses.

Sometimes in divorces there are situations where one spouse is controlling all the financial aspects of the marital estate and the other party feels beholden to, or a victim of the other spouses control of the purse strings.  In such cases a family law attorney is critical in supporting the dis-empowered spouse, so that he or she may gain access to marital funds to help them begin the transition toward separating and beginning a new life outside of the marriage.

Sometimes a spouse can fail to disclose all marital assets, or debts.  A divorce attorney can through a process called “discovery” compel a full and transparent disclosure of everything in the marital estate, including all forms of income.

Lawyers are not the evil empire, they are extremely valuable tools when used in the right context.  Fortunately most divorces don’t require such extreme methods of intervention, and that is why Go Divorce Clinic is the “go-to” solution for most couples facing divorce in Santa Rosa, Ca. and Sonoma County.  Find out how you can save money and avoid the extreme version of contested divorce with lawyers, by visiting your local office of Go Divorce Clinic today for a fee-free consultation.

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