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Go Divorce Clinic’s Unique “One-Day Divorce”

June 23, 2013

SONY DSCWhen I started Go Divorce Clinic, I knew that changing the old way of doing divorces would not be easy.  The challenge was not just the significant task of restructuring the typical business protocols of the business of divorce that family law attorneys had created, but that there would also be the second necessary action which involved the critical component of educating the public about the very existence of a better way to divorce.  In my business, advertising about a divorce business is akin to advertising about funeral home services, it’s not going to be about a flashy marketing.  I realized early on that with the very discreet and intimate nature of divorce, my most powerful marketing would come by word of mouth from those individuals who had experienced not only a tremendously affordable, but superior service from Go Divorce Clinic.  The power of that synergy has propelled Go Divorce Clinic to expand at a phenomenal rate.  Now not only Sonoma County, but all bay area Counties utilize the divorce services of Go Divorce Clinic.  Some jurisdictions we initially had no office in, but the clients there had heard about our services, saw our website, and understood that there was no divorce mediator or family law attorney who could serve their needs the way that Go Divorce Clinic does.  And so we have grown exponentially at a rate that is truly extraordinary in this business, and in this economy.  I am thankful to those many couples over the years who have used our services, told friends and family, and taken the time to write testimonials to share with the public that there is a healthy and quick way to dissolve a marriage without unnecessary emotional toll and cost.

On July 1st, 2013, Go Divorce Clinic will relocate it’s main office from Healdsburg to Santa Rosa, Ca. and we are so excited!  Our comfortable home office in Healdsburg has received so many couples over the years, and has served as a safe and serene location to launch our unique service.  Our Healdsburg office remains to serve our north Sonoma county and Mendocino County clients, but now our new expanded office in Santa Rosa will become the main central office, with receptionist, comfortable waiting lobby, and multiple conference rooms.  Our new facility, equipment, staff and proximity to the Court 5 minutes away allows us to offer a new product we are so excited about:  The “One-Day  Divorce”!

Now offered in Sonoma County exclusively, the “one-day” divorce allows our clients to come to one typically 2 hour meeting and be done with everything they need to do to finish their divorce after that meeting.  Go Divorce Clinic has created a system where, when certain criteria are met by the divorcing couple, we reduce their total participation in the divorce to one typically 2  hour meeting at our office!  While a divorce decree cannot be issued until after the 6 month “cooling period” statutorily provided for by California law, our clients will be free to get on with their lives and have the issue of their divorce processing resolved with only a couple hours of their total participation in a single meeting required!!

At Go Divorce Clinic we understand that a divorce may be the single most emotionally difficult thing we may be faced with in our lives.  It’s a transition that deeply challenges the most well adjusted of us.  We know that not only do we provide a completely affordable alternative to traditional contested divorce, but we also provide the best in comprehensive divorce service to our clients, bar none.  If you are facing a marital crisis and would like a safe and professional place to come to for clarity and assitance, call our office today to schedule your fee-free consultation with me.  And visit our website at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com  to learn more about how our clients have made Go Divorce Clinic the “Go-To” divorce service provider in northern California.