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Advocating For Children During Divorce

February 28, 2020


Go Divorce Clinic is the best choice for divorcing couples that have children. I’m just simply not aware of anywhere that I would even suggest or want people to go if they have children in a divorce than my office. I just had a couple last night that came in for a divorce. I always do a gut check with people that are on the threshold or believe they’re on a threshold to divorce when they have children because nobody’s going to speak up for the children because they can’t for themselves. So I do. The way that I do that is to make certain that, [A] the parties actually are on a threshold to divorce based on an irreconcilable circumstance.

Many people come into my office and believe there are irreconcilable circumstances, and it may not necessarily be that. It may be a communication issue. It may be just some dynamic that’s been going on that they haven’t been able to work out, even in counseling. I advocate for children and the whole space for them is to make certain first and foremost that their parents actually need to divorce. And we have a discussion about that, an honest discussion.

Secondly, if the divorce process has to go through, their needs are at the top of the list. I remind my clients always, we’re doing this for our children. We are making sure that each parent isn’t left out on the lurch, isn’t exploited, isn’t hurt, isn’t abandoned. That we’re going to try to take care of each other as best we can in this situation because ultimately when we care for each other, in the tearing down and the breaking down of the marriage, that if we care for each other, we’re caring for the children.

There is a theme that’s woven through the disillusion process that I translate to the clients that we’re doing what’s in the best interest for the children always. I know of no other place that does that, that will risk doing that, risk losing clients for standing up for what’s in the best interest for children. I absolutely will. I’ll risk whatever it takes to make sure that the kids are taken care of in these contexts.

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