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Divorce Clinic Vs Traditional Divorce: What’s The Difference?

February 5, 2020


How is the process at Go Divorce Clinic different than traditional divorce?

That’s a really good question. Many people are surprised when they come in to see how easy it is. I have clients all the time, and they’re walking out the door after a few weeks, and we’re done, and they’re saying, “I didn’t know this could be this easy”. Not that divorce is easy, and we both know that’s not what they’re talking about. It’s just they didn’t know that it could actually be handled and taken care of this quickly without so much work.

How does the process work? Basically clients come in initially for an intake where I answer all their questions – that’s a fee-free consultation. If they contract with me, they send me, through the email the intake information I need. I generate a marriage settlement agreement. Each party comes back one more time to sign the paperwork, and that’s it for them.

The rest is handled by our office in terms of filing it, the dates at the appropriate time, handling all the paperwork, and doing the service. Other than that, the client’s participation is done. So that’s what my clients mean when they say, “I didn’t know this could be so easy”.

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