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Divorce Options In Sonoma County

July 6, 2019

There are essentially three choices to process a divorce in California.  The divorce options in Sonoma County are:

1)  Contested Divorce (typically with lawyers and Court hearings)
2)  Uncontested Divorce (with a written signed settlement agreement between both Parties)
3)  True Default Divorce (One Party files for divorce, the other has no participation in the process and therefore no input)

Which one of these divorce processes really meets your needs?

The first option is a Contested Divorce.  We at Go Divorce Clinic do not process contested divorces.   They are quite costly, really require legal representation to effectively execute, and in my honest opinion are wholly unnecessary for those couples who as individuals do not have agendas to control, exploit, take advantage of, or hurt the other Party.

Uncontested Divorces are what we do everyday through the Go Divorce Clinic Clinic of Santa Rosa.  Functionally, we simply facilitate and assist the process of putting together the information and decisions that will settle the marital estate.  This we do not consider or refer to as formal divorce mediation in Sonoma County because the parties are not really arguing over how to break things down, we are just helping them make the choices that need to be made to settle out the marital estate.  In some instances, one spouse may feel hurt about the other spouses decision to divorce, and may not want to “participate” in the process .  Yet it is best if both Parties participate in the choices around settling out all the logistical matters of formally ending a legal and financial partnership (in this case a marriage), regardless of who “wants” the divorce.  Showing up to “break things down” does not necessarily suggest complicity in the original decision to divorce.  Divorces are “thrust upon” many unwilling participants everyday.  However at some point those unwilling individuals either need to cooperate by participating in the divorce through the given forms, structures and protocols, try to convince a judge not to grant a divorce (highly unlikely), or they can choose to sit it out completely.  The alternative for someone to not participate in any way at all, and simply sit out the whole process while it happens around them without any input or actions taken is called a True Default divorce.

A True Default Divorce can be processed through the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County if you like.  In this case our Clinic would simply put together a marriage settlement statement with whatever information the Petitioner provides.  We would then serve the Respondent with the petition for divorce and if the Respondent made no further actions on their part, we would then file for a default entry in 31 days, and finish out with the judgment paper work and marriage settlement statement submitted to the Court pursuant to the filing protocols.

If you would like to complete a simple and affordable divorce in Santa Rosa, Ca., and process that divorce without lawyers, we see an uncontested divorce through the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County as your best option.  Please visit us on the web at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com today to schedule a one hour fee-free consultation to learn more.

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