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Is There A Right Way To Divorce?

February 18, 2020

Go Divorce ClinicDivorce has become what it is today, because of the legal service providers that oversee it.  Divorce attorneys and divorce mediators have created the template that divorcing couples have traditionally used to get a divorce.  But the template is flawed, and it is damaging families.  The children of divorce in the United States suffer the most because of the loss of financial resources in the marital estate that end up going to attorneys instead of the parents, and even more damaging, the bitterness that is almost always forever impressed upon the parents of contested divorce.

Divorce is a transition period in peoples lives.  Imagine if every time some significant change in your life came to pass, attorneys descended on the situation like vultures from the sky, creating fear, division, false pretense and anger with the very people you need to help you, all the while draining your financial capacities just when you needed them most.  Most of the time this is what I see divorce lawyers in Sonoma County, and across the country doing.  Even well intentioned family law attorneys are caught in a toxic adversarial system they cannot escape from – all it takes is one greedy lawyer to start the war.  Divorce does not have to be this way.

Now Go Divorce Clinic is changing the course of history.  No longer are divorcing couples stuck with no options but a contested divorce with lawyers or mediators.  Go Divorce Clinic is the number one choice for divorcing couples in Sonoma County because people there have learned the incredible benefits of using a highly skilled neutral divorce facilitator to process their divorce, and leaving the costly world of divorce attorneys behind.  Now lawyers and mediators are becoming the measure of last resort.  Divorcing Couples are taking control of their lives and their resources, while still getting the professional help they need for a divorce.

Divorce attorneys focus on winning for their clients by arguing the law.  Go Divorce Clinic is a resource center of information for all things divorce!  While attorneys are arguing over which party in the divorce is worse and less deserving, Go Divorce Clinic facilitators are fleshing out the estate, providing information about rights and responsibilities of each parent, assisting with custody plans, strategizing for an optimal asset and debt division that benefits everyone, and providing a plethora of specialty resource professionals to consult with on key matters within the estate that may need more extensive professional assistance.  Go Divorce Clinic is the new business model for divorce services that actually meet the very specific needs of divorcing couples.

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