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Pathways to Amicable Divorce in Santa Rosa CA

July 11, 2020

Divorce Santa Rosa CA | Divorce Sonoma CountyIf you are looking for a divorce attorney in Santa Rosa CA, you are probably under a fair amount of stress. Divorce can be one of the most difficult situations a person can face. Divorces have become synonymous with words like expensive, painful, and acrimonious. Many people who are considering a divorce in Sonoma County believe that they will need to hire a family law attorney and funnel large amounts of money into long and draining court proceedings. These beliefs are fueled in part by misinformation, and are unfortunately often encouraged by divorce lawyers.

The livelihood of a lawyer depends on obtaining clients, and the fear of losing out in a divorce can make prospective clients more likely to hire a lawyer. It is true that in many cases an aggressive legal approach is deliberately encouraged by lawyers; but it is also true that the legal field is by nature a combative one. After all, attorneys are trained to defend and protect a client’s interests. This usually involves a battle in an attempt to subjugate the opponent in order to obtain victory. This might be a typical legal approach you will encounter when searching for a divorce attorney in Santa Rosa, CA.

While this kind of legal assistance may well be a necessity in many other forms of legal actions, the fact of the matter is that with divorce, a mere 5% of them ever even make it to a family court hearing. The vast majority of all divorces are uncontested and do not require a judge to decide the matter.  The truth is that most couples involved are able to come to an understanding that does not require attorneys or any resorting to legal battles.

If like most marriage dissolutions, you are needing help with an uncontested divorce in Sonoma County, there are options and alternatives when it comes to obtaining divorce assistance in Santa Rosa CA. Your best choice is the alternative ranked # 1 for divorce services in Sonoma County.  Go Divorce Clinic, founded by Robert Revel, offers tools for a smooth, streamlined divorce process that does not require divorce lawyers or even mediation. This unique approach offers the assistance of unique trained professionals who are referred to as divorce facilitators. These individuals provide step-by-step practical and necessary information on all aspects of your divorce at an affordable price. Your divorce facilitator will guide you through the process of finalizing your divorce in a reasonable way that involves both parties working together for a mutually satisfying resolution.

Contact the Go Divorce Clinic for a free consultation. If you are looking for an affordable and fast divorce in Santa Rosa CA, Go Divorce Clinic is the best choice to get you through your divorce without entering into the typical traumatic, lengthy divorce process that can devastate your finances, and tear apart any possibility of ending your marriage with respect and dignity.

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