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Self Represented Divorces

December 8, 2019

self help divorceMany people I come across in Sonoma County have no idea that they can successfully represent their own interests in a divorce proceeding.  They feel they must have a Santa Rosa divorce lawyer to “stick up for their rights”.  They are often surprised to learn that they can have court forms drafted for them by a registered legal document assistant that would allow them to conduct their own divorce proceeding exactly the way they want.  Even in cases where their spouse has a family law attorney representing them, we have assisted many to move forward with the dissolution self-represented and in a way that they feel is exactly what they want.  Many, many times, individuals come to my office frustrated because their family law lawyers won’t “do what I am asking them to do”.    Instead they find that their divorce attorney is more like a hired gun “causing trouble” and “doing things that make my spouse really angry” – and the bills are mounting at the same time that nothing seems to be happening.

Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County invites you to switch gears and discover the ease and productivity of self-representation.  Stopping the “ugly divorce” is our specialty at the Go Divorce Clinic.  We feel that listening to and empowering our clients instead of telling them what they should do meets their needs much better.  We see cases that have dragged on for months and even years come to a close once those individuals discovered that, with our assistance, they could represent their own interests and actually get things done – and at a far less cost than with attorneys.  We understand that a divorcing person needs information, not antagonism.

Less expensive, more effective.  Isn’t that worth learning about?  Your hard earned money should stay in your bank account for you and your children.  Call Go Divorce Clinic in Santa Rosa today, and find out how the mediation, paralegal, conflict resolution and child advocacy background of Robert Revel has created a divorce specialist like no other that can help you or someone you know who is stuck in the middle of an unnecessary and expensive war, put an end to the ugly divorce.    www.GoDivorceClinic.com

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