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The Best Divorce Attorney in Santa Rosa

December 30, 2019

Santa rosa divorce lawyerPeople often ask me who I think the best divorce lawyer in Santa Rosa, California is.  It is a fair question, and I typically respond to it with a question of my own:  ‘Why are you looking for a family law attorney in Sonoma County?’

“Well” they often reply, “I would really like to do an uncontested divorce like Go Divorce Clinic does, but I just think my spouse won’t cooperate, so I need to get a good divorce attorney to protect my rights”.

“What ‘rights’ are you concerned about?” I often inquire.

“Well I don’t know.  I’m just worried that my spouse will get a divorce lawyer to go after me”.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does, I hear it all the time.  The unfortunate revelation here is that most of the time it isn’t necessarily their spouse, their rights, or even the divorce itself that is scaring them into feeling like they need a lawyer, it is the fear that a divorce lawyer will get involved on the other side that will attack them.  Welcome to the dark reality of family law.  This ugly and unfortunate pattern plays itself out in the field of family law over and over.  People getting divorce attorneys because they are afraid of getting attacked by a divorce lawyer that their spouse might hire.  This conventional divorce scenario often becomes a dangerous, costly and all too destructive process that in my estimation never ever yields a “winner”.

In such circumstances  I encourage the individual that I am speaking with to have their spouse at least call our office to discuss their concerns with a neutral divorce facilitator at Go Divorce Clinic.  What is there to lose?  Honest information, helpful insights and genuine support are always a good thing.  Informing people that there are safe options in Sonoma County to the traditional lawyer driven ‘war of the roses’ approach is a big part of our campaign to “put an end to the ugly divorce” here in Santa Rosa and all around the north counties.  Providing insights to our clients that help them creatively sort out their estate and settle support and family planning issues is our main focus.   Supporting our clients emotional journey by honoring whatever it is they are seeing and feeling about themselves is at the heart of our process.

Divorce is a critically important life transition, don’t leave it to the wolves to promote a safe passage to the next chapter of your life.  Call us at Go Divorce Clinic today to book a fee free initial consultation to find out the better, more affordable way to dissolve your marriage that honors your dignity, preserves your resources and protects your children.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com

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