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October 9, 2019

Divorce CoachAmid the mass of confusion, misinformation and fear surrounding divorce and the divorce process, my clients are always appreciative of the clarity they gain after meeting with me, and maybe even more important is the relief the couple feels individually when they know they have found someone that can process their divorce that both of them trust.  This latter point is in fact one of the qualities that sets my business apart from any typical practitioners in the field of family law.  Divorce attorneys, paralegals and legal document assistants tend not to have any training, education or experience around high conflict resolution.  Simply spouting out legal strategies or pushing legal documents into the hands of clients will not even begin to address the core needs of a divorcing couple.   Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County understands the actual needs of clients moving through a divorce transition, and that is in fact the hallmark of our vision, and it is also the reason why we are so successful.  What is it exactly we understand that most divorce practitioners do not?  I like to use the sports analogy when talking about how we take care of divorcing couples.

Ever wonder why a sports team needs a coach on game day?  Whats is the point of having a coach there during games when you consider that the players are the ones on the court or field of play?  The team has practiced all week, they know how to play the game, so really why do they need a coach on the sidelines?  The simple answer is because human beings tend to need oversight and guidance when it comes to highly stressful activities that require cooperation to perform.  They need someone who sees the “big picture” who knows what the overall plan is.  They need someone who knows the game, but also knows the players and is able to keep them all working together.  Because sometimes one player will get an attitude and want to be the “star”, and not work well with the rest of the team and the coach can “level the playing field” and straighten the attitude out.  Sometimes one player may get their confidence shaken while playing and the coach can bolster them up and get them back in the game.  Sometimes the players get overwhelmed and the coach calls a timeout and gets them re-directed and back on track.  The key is a coach is there for the entire team, for each player.  A coach understand that everyone is needed and is equally as valuable to the process of accomplishing the goal.  At Go Divorce Clinic we know how to value and respect each client in the process so that we can help them work together, even if there are interpersonal tensions, just like on a sports team.

Can you imagine if rather than the head coach at each game, there were instead the agents that represent each professional athlete of the team sitting on the bench directing the game?  How could those teams even function with each agent wanting their own client/player to “score more”, “get more playing time”, “set higher records”, “get the ball more often”, “not get called on by the refs for fouls” etc.  There would be all these different athlete agents screaming out on to the court or field, only things that would make their own clients look best.  Can you imagine the chaos?  How could a team ever work as one unit in such a circumstance?  How could any group of players really accomplish anything like that?  Yet, this is just what family law lawyers do in a divorce!  No one works together as a team when someone is trying to make their own “player” come out on top of everyone else!  A divorcing couple is a team, whether they like each other at the moment or not.  They require cooperation because at the very moment that they choose to divorce, they are wearing the same “marital jersey”.  They play on the same team.

At Go Divorce Clinic our vision allows us to approach divorce the right way, with the right tools and the right skill sets.  Our clients from Marin County to Mendocino County, from Napa County to Sonoma County all say the same thing over and over, “What you do makes so much sense, and for so much less cost.  Why isn’t anybody else doing it?  We are so glad we were referred to you”.  Starting off with one simple vision from our local home office in Healdsburg, Ca., we have branched out to Ukiah, San Rafael, Napa, and Santa Rosa so that now we are the number one choice for uncontested divorce in northern California.  As we continue to spread out across the state, we will not compromise our vision or our integrity.  We foresee that ultimately, as more people discover the right way to end their marriage, that other service providers will follow suit and adopt our healthier way to conduct marital dissolutions and legal separations.  In the long run we expect to bring about whole scale change in the business of family law so that the consumer, the individual, the families, and the children of divorce will all benefit from an ethical and dignified divorce process that is affordable.  To learn more about Go Divorce Clinic or it’s founder Robert Revel, visit:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com


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