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July 19, 2019

divorce ripples 

What is the anatomy of a divorce?  After years of both mediating and facilitating divorce, the dynamics appear fairly consistent.

First there is a marital crisis, usually of an extended scope.  After cycles of repeated exposure to the same compounding relationship stressors over time that do not seem to change there is a deep feeling of hopelessness that sets in.  Finally comes the resignation and giving up that is the divorce threshold.  This is where I meet people everyday in my profession as a divorce facilitator and owner of the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County.

The divorce threshold is a strong feeling that prompts a decision arrived at by one or both parties after experiencing an exposure to relationship dynamics that appear unbearable and hopelessly beyond repair.  In some instances there can be avenues for repair and reconciliation, but in most situations a feeling of being “over” the marriage has set in and there simply is no going back for these individuals.

The beauty of our approach at Go Divorce Clinic is that we take a fresh look at our clients situation when they arrive in our office.  We make no assumptions about where they are at and what they are in our office to do until we talk to them directly.  That means really any possibility can occur after we have spoken with them, including reconciliation.  We have no agenda to divorce couples, even though that is our business.  If we carried such an agenda we would be no better than the divorce lawyers who so often push clients into a contested divorce immediately, quick to encourage their client to run off and file a petition for divorce without even consulting with or hearing from both individuals in the marriage.  That kind of protocol serves family law attorneys, not a couple in the midst of a marital crisis.

The vision of Go Divorce Clinic is to try and first discover, then do  what is best for the two human beings who walk through our office door.  That doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours rehashing the wounds of the marriage, but it does mean breathing in a little space up front to understand where they are as a couple (and as individuals), where they need to get to, and the best way for us to help get them there.  And there are many options available, because everyone’s lives are unique.  Our clients need to feel safe enough to be able to approach the subject of divorce without feeling afraid they are going to be forced into it when they are not ready, or have the process move at a pace that does not suit them.  They need to trust that we as divorce facilitators and guides to the process are not here to jam them through a cold and foreign legal process.

Divorce is an intimately human affair, and though the legal component is an important tool to utilize during the process, the law itself is not the foundation of a healthy divorce.  We, like no other divorce service, understand that.  Go Divorce Clinic is changing the face of marital dissolution from a cold and calculated legal brawl to a transition that looks to support both Parties into the next chapter of their lives.  It’s the way things ought to be, and as more and more people keep discovering our service, it will be the way things will be for families facing the difficult transition of divorce in the future.

Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you or your friends and family who maybe facing a marital crisis in Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County and Mendocino County.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com


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