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Uncontested Divorce in Sonoma County

June 23, 2019

Divorce Attorneys That “fight” For Your Bank Account

Traditional contested divorce is like strip mining, it lays to waste the very landscape within which the resources it extracts are born (the marital estate).  Such processes benefit only the miners (the lawyers), and not the environmental source (the husband and wife) that created them.  Too often, unethical lawyers evaluate potential client resources (how deep are the pockets?) like modern fisherman utilize sonar to find large schools of fish they can plunder with huge nets.  Such divorce attorneys hone in on substantial bank accounts and liquid assets they can feed off of while making it look as if they are really “fighting” for their clients.  Interestingly enough, if you have unsubstantial resources to draw from, you will find very few divorce lawyers willing to “fight” for you.  These modest income folks call my office at Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County often.  They are part of the many regular folks who “fell through the cracks” of formal legal representation because they didn’t have the financial means to attract a divorce lawyer.  When they speak to our office they are pleased to learn that no one needs to actually “fight” anyone in a divorce, and they are quite relieved to learn that they never really needed divorce lawyers in the first place as long as they can work together.

We Are The Only Specialists In Uncontested Divorce in Santa Rosa, CA.

Ending a marriage is indeed challenging because the one you have trusted the most in your life is suddenly outside your circle of intimacy, and you have not had time to separate out the life you created together.  So emotionally you may have split, but logistically everything is still all tangled up.  If you have ever been through a divorce this will sound all to familiar to you.  What people in these circumstances need is gentle, neutral and balanced, skillful guidance through the issues they must settle.  They also need a legitimate professional that can handle all the paperwork and filing procedures.  At Go Divorce Clinic, your divorce facilitator utilizes a collaborative approach to divorce, not a confrontational one.  The Family Law Court refers to this kind of marriage dissolution as an uncontested divorce with agreement.  Uncontested divorce in Sonoma County is what we at Go Divorce Clinic specialize in; unlike other divorce services in Sonoma County, uncontested divorce is all we do at the Go Divorce Clinic.  That is why we can offer our clients a solid low flat fee for our complete services.  Every year our client volume doubles as more and more divorcing couples come to the only place that completely and solely specializes in affordable and fast uncontested divorce:  Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa, CA. and Sonoma County.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com

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