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Go Divorce Clinic Serving Spanish Speaking Couples

October 25, 2019


Go Divorce Clinic Serving Spanish Speaking Community in Santa Rosa, CA

In Sonoma County the Hispanic community comprises 30% of the population base, and like everyone else this community demographic needs affordable and accessible divorce services.  Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa, CA. now serves the needs of the Hispanic community by providing divorce services for the Spanish speaking community.

Many of the Hispanic clients that have come through our office needing divorce services have been concerned about whether or not their legal immigration status will become an issue when the divorce is processed, or whether one parent or the other would leave and return to their native country of origin and forsake support issues.  These and other concerns particular to the Hispanic community need attention to these particular types of circumstances that Go Divorce Clinic is happy to assist with.

We at Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa are here to assist the Hispanic community of Sonoma County with filing and completing their divorces.  Please call us at (707)346-5031 to speak with our Spanish speaking intake specialist today.  We look forward to assisting you.


The Best Way To Get A Divorce

October 9, 2019

Divorce CoachAmid the mass of confusion, misinformation and fear surrounding divorce and the divorce process, my clients are always appreciative of the clarity they gain after meeting with me, and maybe even more important is the relief the couple feels individually when they know they have found someone that can process their divorce that both of them trust.  This latter point is in fact one of the qualities that sets my business apart from any typical practitioners in the field of family law.  Divorce attorneys, paralegals and legal document assistants tend not to have any training, education or experience around high conflict resolution.  Simply spouting out legal strategies or pushing legal documents into the hands of clients will not even begin to address the core needs of a divorcing couple.   Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County understands the actual needs of clients moving through a divorce transition, and that is in fact the hallmark of our vision, and it is also the reason why we are so successful.  What is it exactly we understand that most divorce practitioners do not?  I like to use the sports analogy when talking about how we take care of divorcing couples.

Ever wonder why a sports team needs a coach on game day?  Whats is the point of having a coach there during games when you consider that the players are the ones on the court or field of play?  The team has practiced all week, they know how to play the game, so really why do they need a coach on the sidelines?  The simple answer is because human beings tend to need oversight and guidance when it comes to highly stressful activities that require cooperation to perform.  They need someone who sees the “big picture” who knows what the overall plan is.  They need someone who knows the game, but also knows the players and is able to keep them all working together.  Because sometimes one player will get an attitude and want to be the “star”, and not work well with the rest of the team and the coach can “level the playing field” and straighten the attitude out.  Sometimes one player may get their confidence shaken while playing and the coach can bolster them up and get them back in the game.  Sometimes the players get overwhelmed and the coach calls a timeout and gets them re-directed and back on track.  The key is a coach is there for the entire team, for each player.  A coach understand that everyone is needed and is equally as valuable to the process of accomplishing the goal.  At Go Divorce Clinic we know how to value and respect each client in the process so that we can help them work together, even if there are interpersonal tensions, just like on a sports team.

Can you imagine if rather than the head coach at each game, there were instead the agents that represent each professional athlete of the team sitting on the bench directing the game?  How could those teams even function with each agent wanting their own client/player to “score more”, “get more playing time”, “set higher records”, “get the ball more often”, “not get called on by the refs for fouls” etc.  There would be all these different athlete agents screaming out on to the court or field, only things that would make their own clients look best.  Can you imagine the chaos?  How could a team ever work as one unit in such a circumstance?  How could any group of players really accomplish anything like that?  Yet, this is just what family law lawyers do in a divorce!  No one works together as a team when someone is trying to make their own “player” come out on top of everyone else!  A divorcing couple is a team, whether they like each other at the moment or not.  They require cooperation because at the very moment that they choose to divorce, they are wearing the same “marital jersey”.  They play on the same team.

At Go Divorce Clinic our vision allows us to approach divorce the right way, with the right tools and the right skill sets.  Our clients from Marin County to Mendocino County, from Napa County to Sonoma County all say the same thing over and over, “What you do makes so much sense, and for so much less cost.  Why isn’t anybody else doing it?  We are so glad we were referred to you”.  Starting off with one simple vision from our local home office in Healdsburg, Ca., we have branched out to Ukiah, San Rafael, Napa, and Santa Rosa so that now we are the number one choice for uncontested divorce in northern California.  As we continue to spread out across the state, we will not compromise our vision or our integrity.  We foresee that ultimately, as more people discover the right way to end their marriage, that other service providers will follow suit and adopt our healthier way to conduct marital dissolutions and legal separations.  In the long run we expect to bring about whole scale change in the business of family law so that the consumer, the individual, the families, and the children of divorce will all benefit from an ethical and dignified divorce process that is affordable.  To learn more about Go Divorce Clinic or it’s founder Robert Revel, visit:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com


Culture of Divorce – Fear: The Great Destroyer

September 24, 2019

Divorce MediatorI have presided over more divorces than I want to remember.  If there were one common aspect to nearly all of them, I could easily say it was fear.  Divorcing couples are almost always afraid, quite often terrified at what they are facing.  One thing I know, FEAR is the great destroyer.  FDR once said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”.  Sage advice.  If I could somehow take the fear out of divorce, that gesture alone would put an end to the ugliness in divorce.

So many people in a divorce think they are angry, frustrated, suspicious, or even disgusted with their spouse and blame them for all their woes, but what they really are is afraid.  Afraid that they will lose something important, or have lost something already.  Afraid that they have made a huge mistake by ever getting married in the first place.  Afraid to move forward alone.  Afraid that they will not be able to survive or cope on their own.  Afraid that the other spouse has some kind of malevolent power over them.  Afraid that their children will hate them because of the divorce.  Afraid to let go of the past.  Afraid to release themselves from the familiar cycles of pain.  Afraid of the future, afraid of the unknown.

At the root of anger is almost always fear.  Expressing anger will eventually begin to destroy those who author it.  Fear, on the other hand can be processed and expressed in a healthy way and can lead to healing.  Understanding fear within ourselves can lead to a managed life of depth and strength.  There is always room in my office to express fear, but not the kind of blaming fear so many indulge in in divorce cases.  Rather there is always room to own and express the fears that do not ascribe their creation to another person.  It helps to understand that fear is our own progeny, not put upon us by another.  It helps to understand that we author our own emotional states.

Divorce, as I see it, has always been one of the greatest opportunities for growth and renewal that can occur in the lives of many.  But there can be no growth, evolution or refinement of our personal lives unless we take full responsibility for why we are where we are, and for how we feel now, moment to moment.  “Victim-hood” is a toxic indulgence that too many individuals of divorce wallow in.  It keeps them bound under the co-dependent power of another, because it gives all their power away to the person they blame.  How can we ever take charge of our lives when everything bad we feel is because another person “made us feel that way”?  How can we move forward in freedom when we think that everything we don’t like that is happening to us is because the other person “made it happen to us”?

Go Divorce Clinic has from it’s very beginning approached the business of divorce, not from simply a family law perspective, but from a very human point of view.  There is so much at stake at the transition of divorce, particularly where there are children involved.  The social fabric of families in America deserve more than what is available through the traditional business as usual in the industry of family law.  Where there is seeming devastation and disintegration, there can be hope and opportunity, but we need wisdom, skill, compassion and integrity to light the way.  It’s never been about the money at Go Divorce Clinic, and it has always been more than just the legal paperwork.  At Go Divorce Clinic we find our passion in doing the right thing in the face of institutions and an industry that may not.

Share our services with those you may know in need of a healthier transition through divorce.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com

Spousal Support Information in Santa Rosa CA

September 22, 2019

don’t let legal misinformation pull you under!


Common Spousal Support Questions

If you are considering divorce in Santa Rosa, Ca, or anywhere in Sonoma County, you may well be wondering about the issue of spousal support or alimony.  Here are many questions I hear every day:  Am I entitled to get spousal support?  How much alimony should I ask for?  Does the judge always decide how much alimony is awarded in Sonoma County?  Can we make  our own agreement and avoid the Judge?  Can a divorce lawyer in Santa Rosa tell me for certain how much I will get if we end up going to Court?  Am I stupid to walk away from spousal support, because my friends and family say I am?  How long can I get spousal support or alimony?  Is spousal support always half the length of the marriage?  I got a quick quote for spousal support from a lawyer over the phone, is that amount what I should be entitled to?

Spousal Support Information, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

Do these questions sound familiar?  They are so common to the issue of spousal support, and they show how much confusion and misinformation is out there.  These questions also point to the fact that the business of family law is tending not to provide clear information to the public in general, or its clients in particular – mostly because too many family law attorneys have agendas other than educating their clients in such a way as to provide them with an accurate understanding of the issue in its entirety.  Any honest answer about spousal support will always end in:  “…….but there is no way to be certain of any outcome if we go to Court on the matter”.  So can a family law lawyer ever say for certain what you would get in Court?  Absolutely not.  Can they make you believe in a certain number that sets your expectations to a place that may not be realistic?  Absolutely yes.  Do lawyers do that sometimes?  In my opinion they do this too many times.  The worst examples of this happen everyday.  Someone calls a lawyer to get a “quick phone quote” for spousal support from some family law attorney in Sonoma County who shoots them a quick number without running a formal Dissomaster calculation with complete income and expense numbers to put into the consideration.  These lawyers are literally throwing out a quick number to an unrepresented caller, based on one spouse’s general quotes of net income for both Parties and length of marriage!  This practice in  my opinion is beyond unethical, and it ought to be banned.  To plant a seed of expectation to some anonymous caller facing divorce, without any formal representation or other key factors weighed into the considerations almost always accomplishes little more that creating a deeper conflict between the divorcing couple from now having unrealistic expectations about support numbers.  Of course the lawyers giving these quotes hope the caller will retain them to make their quoted numbers come true.  It is an unfortunate reality of today’s family law practices.

For more information on Spousal Support in Sonoma County, and Santa Rosa, CA, visit our website page at:  GoDivorceClinic.com/spousalsupport.php




Divorce Child Custody California – “Move Aways”

September 10, 2019

Child Custody Move-Aways in California

Here in Santa Rosa, California. and indeed in family law in general, one of the most hotly debated subjects in divorces is that of child custody “move-aways”, where one parent wants to move far away (usually different states or hundreds of miles away) from the other parent.  The key issue addressed by trial Courts in California looked at challenging the necessity of the custodial parents choice to move away.  Initially the trial courts upheld challenging the necessity of the custodial parent’s move, and often denied custody if the grounds for the move were not compelling. The Appeals Court however found that the trial court had erred in grounding the Court’s decisions in “necessity”, and subsequently overruled the lower Court’s decision. The Higher Court precedent now establishes that the Court’s ruling in such matters must proceed with the presumption that either Custodial Party has the inherent right to change the residence of the children, and that a mother or father need not bear the burden of establishing justification or necessity for the move .  The Court now looks to a different standard to decide the matter.

The Supreme Court of California has now established that when deciding such a case, it must be based on the legal standard of “best interests of the child”.  Some of the factors courts will consider include, the child’s relationship with each parent, the parents’ ability to provide for the child (including love, affection, food, shelter, clothing), whether the child lives in a stable environment and for how long, the permanence of the custodial home, the moral fitness of the parents, the mental and physical health of each parent, the child’s preference if appropriate, and each parent’s willingness and ability to facilitate the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent, among other factors.

It is helpful for divorcing couples in Sonoma County and parents who are contemplating “move aways” to consider this “best interest of the child” standard, and look to the the spirit of the doctrine that will only weigh where it is the child will flourish the most, with all these aforementioned considerations weighed.  Its a tough call any way you slice it, and everyone agrees that if parents can if at all possible remain within the same school district or county, it is optimal for the children because they can have abundant and continued contact with both parents.  However in today’s trying economic circumstances, many parents are compelled to move away after a divorce for many legitimate reasons.

Divorce Lawyers and Street Bullies

August 16, 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I was a young boy growing up in the city, a gang of older boys decided to make me and my best friend fight each other because I was white and he was black.  They formed a large circle around us and taunted my friend and I into fighting by shoving us into each other hard.  It was the kind of twisted cruelty you find when people make dogs fight and bet on the outcome.  My friend and I never even really argued, so the idea of us fighting each other made me sick to my stomach and we wouldn’t do it at first.  But these larger boys had come to see a race fight and they were persistent.  After what seemed forever, we were both bruised and a bit bloody from slamming into one another, when my friend started to lose it.  He took a desperate swing at me and the crowd of boys went wild like sharks that smell blood.  The older boys thrust us now at each other at collision speeds, and my best friend finally snapped.  He started attacking me like an animal that had been beaten so much that everything that came too close seemed life threatening.  He hit me several times hard, but I would not retaliate.  I could not hurt my best friend just to entertain these jackals.  In order to stop the violence I grabbed my friend and restrained him so that he could not move.  I did not hit or harm him.  The cruel older boys got frustrated and bored at this and dispersed at last.  I never forgot that incident.

Today I work in a profession where divorce attorneys push husbands and wives, who may also be mothers and fathers, into each other every bit as hard as those cruel inner city kids did to my friend and I.  But divorce lawyers do it not for entertainment so much as for profit.  I know first hand that even the best of bonds can be stressed and compromised when antagonists from the outside scheme to pit two parties against one another.  In a divorce, two people who have been best friends for many years are suddenly faced with the loss of that partnership and the immediate diminishment of their overall intimacy.  It is a vulnerable place to be.  Family law attorneys have in large measure become predators to these circumstances.

I have no issue when those who intend to harm the other party in a divorce proceeding get discouraged to do so by legal intervention.  I am actually grateful for skilled legal action that serves to protect the vulnerable, powerless and disenfranchised from being abused by bullies and malevolent relationship tyrants.  But truly these cases are rare in family law.  Many, many times I see clients from Sonoma and Marin Counties come into my office expecting a fight because that is what they are so used to hearing happens in a divorce.  Then they are surprised when at a Go Divorce Clinic intake I do not fuel the fire, or feed the drama.  They are relieved to find that I am not taking sides and that the meeting is a safe and well intentioned one that is seeking to help them both find the best way through their current situation.

A recent client just informed me that his daughter is going through a nasty divorce with lawyers at the same time that he is processing his own divorce through my office.  He has depleted $18,000 dollars of his own money contributing to the lawyer-driven divorce of his daughter’s legal fees;  currently at about $30.000, and there is no end in sight to her battle with her husband.  My client marvels at how by contrast that in a few weeks time he and his wife can have a sane and reasonable divorce for a flat fee of $2500.00 through Go Divorce Clinic.  Why can’t his daughter and her husband do the same?  It’s not because his daughter and her husband are crazy people, it is because the traditional divorce process they chose to use in my opinion is currently not equipped to handle cases that are not adversarial – so the family law attorneys tend to make wars out of the marriage dissolutions that get brought to them.  Like the bullies that tormented my friend and I, fighting is what they know and provoking confrontation is what they do.

You may think that an uncontested divorce is not for you.  That it is only for the granola munching, progressive, peace-nicks who somehow find a way to love their enemies all the time and turn the other cheek with routine regularity.  Not so.  I would say that 90% of all divorces could be handled as uncontested, with the remaining 10% of contested cases reserved for those wealthy enough to spend half a million dollars arguing over several more millions of dollars just because they can, or in cases where someone would actually use a divorce proceeding to punish the other out of spite.  I am not so idealistic that I do not recognize that some people have a specific agenda to hurt the other person explicitly.  It’s just that those instances in my experience may be 1 in 90 cases, and when they show up in my office I send them off to lawyers where they belong.

Someday soon I know that the tide will shift, as Go Divorce Clinic continues to prove out that there is a sane and humane way to end a marriage that preserves the resources and dignity of those moving through the transition of divorce.  If you would like to learn more about the Go Divorce Clinic difference visit our website at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com


July 19, 2019

divorce ripples 

What is the anatomy of a divorce?  After years of both mediating and facilitating divorce, the dynamics appear fairly consistent.

First there is a marital crisis, usually of an extended scope.  After cycles of repeated exposure to the same compounding relationship stressors over time that do not seem to change there is a deep feeling of hopelessness that sets in.  Finally comes the resignation and giving up that is the divorce threshold.  This is where I meet people everyday in my profession as a divorce facilitator and owner of the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County.

The divorce threshold is a strong feeling that prompts a decision arrived at by one or both parties after experiencing an exposure to relationship dynamics that appear unbearable and hopelessly beyond repair.  In some instances there can be avenues for repair and reconciliation, but in most situations a feeling of being “over” the marriage has set in and there simply is no going back for these individuals.

The beauty of our approach at Go Divorce Clinic is that we take a fresh look at our clients situation when they arrive in our office.  We make no assumptions about where they are at and what they are in our office to do until we talk to them directly.  That means really any possibility can occur after we have spoken with them, including reconciliation.  We have no agenda to divorce couples, even though that is our business.  If we carried such an agenda we would be no better than the divorce lawyers who so often push clients into a contested divorce immediately, quick to encourage their client to run off and file a petition for divorce without even consulting with or hearing from both individuals in the marriage.  That kind of protocol serves family law attorneys, not a couple in the midst of a marital crisis.

The vision of Go Divorce Clinic is to try and first discover, then do  what is best for the two human beings who walk through our office door.  That doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours rehashing the wounds of the marriage, but it does mean breathing in a little space up front to understand where they are as a couple (and as individuals), where they need to get to, and the best way for us to help get them there.  And there are many options available, because everyone’s lives are unique.  Our clients need to feel safe enough to be able to approach the subject of divorce without feeling afraid they are going to be forced into it when they are not ready, or have the process move at a pace that does not suit them.  They need to trust that we as divorce facilitators and guides to the process are not here to jam them through a cold and foreign legal process.

Divorce is an intimately human affair, and though the legal component is an important tool to utilize during the process, the law itself is not the foundation of a healthy divorce.  We, like no other divorce service, understand that.  Go Divorce Clinic is changing the face of marital dissolution from a cold and calculated legal brawl to a transition that looks to support both Parties into the next chapter of their lives.  It’s the way things ought to be, and as more and more people keep discovering our service, it will be the way things will be for families facing the difficult transition of divorce in the future.

Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you or your friends and family who maybe facing a marital crisis in Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County and Mendocino County.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com


The Only Uncontested Divorce Specialist in Sonoma County

July 9, 2019

Who Is The Only Uncontested Divorce Specialist In Sonoma County?

At Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County, uncontested divorce is all we do.  We are the only uncontested divorce specialist in Sonoma County.  No divorce service office in Santa Rosa, CA. can claim to focus only on uncontested divorce in Sonoma county.  Everyday at Go Divorce Clinic we process divorces, and only divorces.   We only do divorces because we believe that divorce services ought to be handled by offices that are not being distracted by other areas of legal services.  Why go to a service provider for an amicable divorce who is also handling services for wills and restraining orders among other things?  Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa can afford to do only divorces because of the volume of clients in Sonoma County that use our services.  That is why we are the number one rated uncontested divorce service in Sonoma County.  No family law lawyers, no divorce mediators, no heavy-handed legal expenses.  Just straightforward amicable divorces for one low flat fee.

Do Divorces Right And You Can Afford To Do Them Exclusively

At Go Divorce Clinic we have fast, safe and affordable divorces down to a science.  We assist our clients in all areas of divorce to help them figure out the details and reach agreement on all the important issues.  We are ethical professionals who do not start fights, drag things out, pressure or intimidate our clients.  They are going through enough as it is.  Being the only uncontested divorce specialist in Sonoma County, we are experts at keeping our clients working together so things don’t break down into problems they cannot resolve.  Visit our website at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com today to schedule a one hour fee-free consultation to learn more about how we put an end to the ugly divorce!

Divorce Options In Sonoma County

July 6, 2019

There are essentially three choices to process a divorce in California.  The divorce options in Sonoma County are:

1)  Contested Divorce (typically with lawyers and Court hearings)
2)  Uncontested Divorce (with a written signed settlement agreement between both Parties)
3)  True Default Divorce (One Party files for divorce, the other has no participation in the process and therefore no input)

Which one of these divorce processes really meets your needs?

The first option is a Contested Divorce.  We at Go Divorce Clinic do not process contested divorces.   They are quite costly, really require legal representation to effectively execute, and in my honest opinion are wholly unnecessary for those couples who as individuals do not have agendas to control, exploit, take advantage of, or hurt the other Party.

Uncontested Divorces are what we do everyday through the Go Divorce Clinic Clinic of Santa Rosa.  Functionally, we simply facilitate and assist the process of putting together the information and decisions that will settle the marital estate.  This we do not consider or refer to as formal divorce mediation in Sonoma County because the parties are not really arguing over how to break things down, we are just helping them make the choices that need to be made to settle out the marital estate.  In some instances, one spouse may feel hurt about the other spouses decision to divorce, and may not want to “participate” in the process .  Yet it is best if both Parties participate in the choices around settling out all the logistical matters of formally ending a legal and financial partnership (in this case a marriage), regardless of who “wants” the divorce.  Showing up to “break things down” does not necessarily suggest complicity in the original decision to divorce.  Divorces are “thrust upon” many unwilling participants everyday.  However at some point those unwilling individuals either need to cooperate by participating in the divorce through the given forms, structures and protocols, try to convince a judge not to grant a divorce (highly unlikely), or they can choose to sit it out completely.  The alternative for someone to not participate in any way at all, and simply sit out the whole process while it happens around them without any input or actions taken is called a True Default divorce.

A True Default Divorce can be processed through the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County if you like.  In this case our Clinic would simply put together a marriage settlement statement with whatever information the Petitioner provides.  We would then serve the Respondent with the petition for divorce and if the Respondent made no further actions on their part, we would then file for a default entry in 31 days, and finish out with the judgment paper work and marriage settlement statement submitted to the Court pursuant to the filing protocols.

If you would like to complete a simple and affordable divorce in Santa Rosa, Ca., and process that divorce without lawyers, we see an uncontested divorce through the Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County as your best option.  Please visit us on the web at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com today to schedule a one hour fee-free consultation to learn more.

Uncontested Divorce in Sonoma County

June 23, 2019

Divorce Attorneys That “fight” For Your Bank Account

Traditional contested divorce is like strip mining, it lays to waste the very landscape within which the resources it extracts are born (the marital estate).  Such processes benefit only the miners (the lawyers), and not the environmental source (the husband and wife) that created them.  Too often, unethical lawyers evaluate potential client resources (how deep are the pockets?) like modern fisherman utilize sonar to find large schools of fish they can plunder with huge nets.  Such divorce attorneys hone in on substantial bank accounts and liquid assets they can feed off of while making it look as if they are really “fighting” for their clients.  Interestingly enough, if you have unsubstantial resources to draw from, you will find very few divorce lawyers willing to “fight” for you.  These modest income folks call my office at Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County often.  They are part of the many regular folks who “fell through the cracks” of formal legal representation because they didn’t have the financial means to attract a divorce lawyer.  When they speak to our office they are pleased to learn that no one needs to actually “fight” anyone in a divorce, and they are quite relieved to learn that they never really needed divorce lawyers in the first place as long as they can work together.

We Are The Only Specialists In Uncontested Divorce in Santa Rosa, CA.

Ending a marriage is indeed challenging because the one you have trusted the most in your life is suddenly outside your circle of intimacy, and you have not had time to separate out the life you created together.  So emotionally you may have split, but logistically everything is still all tangled up.  If you have ever been through a divorce this will sound all to familiar to you.  What people in these circumstances need is gentle, neutral and balanced, skillful guidance through the issues they must settle.  They also need a legitimate professional that can handle all the paperwork and filing procedures.  At Go Divorce Clinic, your divorce facilitator utilizes a collaborative approach to divorce, not a confrontational one.  The Family Law Court refers to this kind of marriage dissolution as an uncontested divorce with agreement.  Uncontested divorce in Sonoma County is what we at Go Divorce Clinic specialize in; unlike other divorce services in Sonoma County, uncontested divorce is all we do at the Go Divorce Clinic.  That is why we can offer our clients a solid low flat fee for our complete services.  Every year our client volume doubles as more and more divorcing couples come to the only place that completely and solely specializes in affordable and fast uncontested divorce:  Go Divorce Clinic of Santa Rosa, CA. and Sonoma County.  Visit us at:  www.GoDivorceClinic.com

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