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I Have An Uncooperative Spouse

While most couples are willing to cooperate up front to process their divorce, we know that sometimes it is not always the case.

With regard to your divorce, does your spouse fit into any one of these profile types?

- The "I can do all the paperwork myself" Spouse.

- The "I'm not going to sign anything" Spouse.

- The "We can't afford to pay for a divorce" Spouse.

- The "I don't want the divorce, it's your idea" Spouse.

- The "Divorce on my terms only" Spouse.

It is unfortunate when one spouse attempts to control the process in this way, but even is such cases, we can still help.

Helping to creatively bring wayward spouses to the table is one of our specialties, and if need be assisting victimized spouses regain control of their lives.

You may find that your spouse is trying to do all the paperwork without professional help, or is unilaterally controlling the finances, or is trying to stall the process by not cooperating, or is dictating all the terms of the separation by monopolizing the home or marital assets... or even keeping you away from your own children. The judicial system allows for you to remedy these challenges without having to hire a lawyer.

At Go Divorce Clinic you will find the professional assistance you need to move forward when you are either feeling stuck, or disempowered by your spouses actions. And best of all, with the help of Go Divorce Clinic, you can create an equalizing and positive change without provoking your spouse; in fact our skilled techniques actually encourage them to come to the table and cooperate during the process.

In matters where children are involved, and it is urgent that one parent get immediate relief to support the well being of the minor children, we feel it is important to find a way to provide support whenever and however we can, due to our strong child advocacy emphasis at Go Divorce Clinic.

Call us to review your circumstances and see what can be done to assist you in getting your marital crisis moving toward a healthy separation or dissolution today.

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""Dear Robert,

Thank you for helping me through every step of the way on my divorce. I am blessed to know a kind, genuine person like you. I was referred to you by a co-worker. We were both ready to get divorced, but we were very confused on what steps to take in completing a divorce. A few weeks later she told me her papers were completed and filed. This is when she told me about you and how good you made her feel throughout the process. She glowed when she mentioned how kind and honest you are. That was enough to make me start my divorce process with you.

When I talked to you the first time on the phone, I felt like I was talking to a friend. You did not have a cold business-only personality. I was so frustrated with my marriage that the first time I talked to you, I broke down in tears. You did not make me feel like I was just another "emotional woman." You were patient and you listened to me. After hearing your compassionate and kind words I was eager to meet with you to help me begin my divorce.

I want to give you many thanks for informing me that there was a possibility for me to get my Court Fees Waived when filing the papers at the court. The odds were against me since I made more income than what their expected income bracket was to have these fees waived. Thanks to your attention to detail, I was able to get all my COURT FILING FEES WAIVED!

I will recommend you to anyone that is seeking a divorce without having to go through a lawyer. You show a great interest in making your customers feel happy and most of all, you went the extra mile by looking out for the well being of the children. It was real important to me that the paperwork was done accurately with a clear understanding of what I want in my divorce papers. I have enough stress in my life and I did not want to try and do this by myself. Thank you Robert!"

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