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Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma County is a divorce information resource center that specializes in working with divorcing couples cooperatively in an uncontested divorce. While divorce attorneys may be arguing over which party in the divorce is worse and less deserving, Go Divorce Clinic facilitators are busy helping facilitate communication about the estate, custody plans, and the reviewing of pensions and managed capital allocations. As a divorce resource center we also provide a plethora of specialty resource professionals in fields such as mortgage refinance specialists, divorce financial anaylists and estate attorneys, to consult with on key matters within the estate that may need more extensive professional assistance.

Go Divorce Clinic is the new business model for divorce services that actually meet the very specific needs of divorcing couples in northern California. Divorcing Couples are taking control of their lives and their resources, while getting a broader scope of professional help they need for a divorce. Go Divorce Clinic is the number one choice for divorcing couples in Sonoma County because people here have learned the incredible benefits of using a highly skilled neutral divorce facilitator to process their divorce, and are leaving the costly world of contested divorce behind. Now you too know there is a better way! Call Go Divorce Clinic today in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

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  • No Family Law Court Hearing
  • No Divorce Lawyers
  • No Expensive Divorce
  • No Divorces That Drag On And On
  • No Trips To The Family Court Clerk
  • Free Initial Divorce Consultation
  • One Affordable Flat Fee
  • Both Parties Work Together With Neutral GDC Facilitator
  • Typical 4 To 6 Weeks Process Time
  • Child Advocacy Centered Process Throughout

"I am so grateful that I was sent your way when I realized that a divorce was imminent for me. I can’t imagine what that process would have been like in the cutthroat world of attorneys.

I have always believed that collaboration, cooperation and consideration is the best way to deal with most things in life. That is the whole philosophy behind your method and while I know it may not work for everyone, it was definitely right for me. The only outcome that I really cared about was getting through it as painlessly as possible and being able to keep my home. You came through with both and I can’t begin to convey my sincere and true thanks to you."

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