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At Go Divorce Clinic it is not uncommon to hear this concern. Someone who wants a divorce may wonder if they can use our services when only one individual in the couple seems willing to "cooperate".

We look at the situation differently. Most often with such resistant individuals it is not really an unwillingness to cooperate as much as it is some emotional or conceptual roadblock that is preventing their willingness to move forward with the divorce. We can help. We understand and deal with these emotional and logistical issues everyday. It is our ability to unlock these situations and get couples moving forward on the same page that sets us apart from most every other divorce service provider in Marin and Sonoma County.

Here is an example of what a few of our clients have written to us on the subject:

"When I called Go Divorce Clinic I honestly didn't think I could use them because of my husband. My husband was actually getting ready to serve me and do the divorce his way... as usual. But two friends spoke highly of the owner Robert Revel, and the one who had had her divorce done at Go Divorce Clinic absolutely insisted I at least call and talk to Robert before I ran to a lawyer. I DID NOT think my husband would ever have worked with anyone to help us do our divorce but in one 15 minute phone conversation Robert convinced my husband to let Go Divorce Clinic help us both work together on our divorce! We had a marriage settlement agreement in 2 weeks.

- Terri - May 2013

"I really have no idea how he did it, but I am so thankful Robert was able to get my husband to let go of trying to control the whole process by himself and trust Go Divorce Clinic to guide us through it together. I was so afraid before I called Robert that first time that I was going to get taken advantage of, but all through the process Robert protected both of us from getting exploited by the other. Everyone should divorce like this. We need more Go Divorce Clinics! Thank you so much Robert!!"

- Karen - April 2013

"My wife was not wanting to get divorced, but I wanted it. At first she just dragged her feet and wouldn't even talk about it. Then when I insisted she participate, she got totally angry and lashed out at me. That is when I called Robert on a friend's advice. I wasn't very hopeful as I told him about what was going on, but Robert seemed totally at ease about it all, like he had been through this kind of situation many times before. My ex-wife still is upset at my decision to divorce, but Robert got her to cooperate with the process somehow so we could finalize it. She didn't trust me, but thank God she trusted Robert enough, otherwise I think we'd still be stuck".

- Phil - July 2012


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