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GDC Facilitator vs. Divorce Lawyers

Cooperation versus confrontation


Would you bring in a trial lawyer to start a fight with your surgeon a month before that doctor was to operate on you? Of course not. You are depending on that surgeon to maybe save your life. You don’t want to create animosity with the person who has that much access and influence over your personal well being do you?

But a civil litigation lawyer could argue that it is in your best interest to do so. That the doctor needs to be informed of all the ways he or she will be held accountable if they fail to perform appropriately during the operation. That lawyer might argue that as your lawyer they need to stand up for your rights before you submit to the surgeon’s scalpel because there is so much at stake. Maybe you need your own contract drawn up by that attorney before you begin the surgery for the doctor to sign….one that benefits your needs as a client, not just the doctor and the hospital’s endless releases and waivers you have to stipulate to. And that’s not all our lawyer might want to explore. Was the physician’s diagnosis even accurate? Did they get a second or third opinion? Did the surgeon disclose his or her record of success in this kind of surgery? Does the surgeon possess a competent lifestyle, ensuring that they are routinely well rested and alert while conducting such serious procedures?

It all sounds very prudent doesn’t it? But then why don’t lawyers get involved on our behalf, representing us as a patients in such circumstances? Because the medical profession knows that such an adversarial posturing would undermine the patient/physician relationship and cause division and confrontation among practitioners and patients, while also delaying medical treatment that may require urgent or immediate action to save lives. The fact is, is it can be argued that lawyers could represent us in so many aspects of our lives, warning us about potential liabilities, rights and responsibilities and legitimate claims we should know about before we get out of bed every morning to go about our daily routines. But they don’t, do they?

So why is it that in family law it is routinely accepted that we need divorce lawyers to end a marriage? And like the example with the surgeon and patient, how wise is it to bring in legal and adversarial posturing to the fragile and delicate circumstance of divorce where it is essential to the health and well being of the parties involved that they ultimately cooperate (like the surgeon and patient) during that critical time? At Go Divorce Clinic, we understand, like the medical profession understands, that some circumstances are best handled without such adversarial legal posturing if at all possible. And the fact is, when it comes to divorce in California, getting a divorce without lawyers is not just possible, but often healthier and less expensive when processed by self-represented clients through our office.

Go Divorce Clinic of Sonoma and Marin Counties is the comprehensive full service attorney-free divorce alternative that makes absolute sense because it was designed to meet the specific needs of families facing divorce. Go Divorce Clinic offers the safe, cooperative and supportive culture we have created to serve families who need to dissolve their marriages in the north bay. Before you jump into a contested divorce, see for yourself why the tide is turning in the area of of divorce, and receive a free meeting with us today!

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